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You can plan all you like and it all unravels when you have your main form of transport go on strike. Yesterday was such a day; we planned to visit Murano in the morning and then return to Venice and Rialto market and surrounds later in the day but without the water transport we were scuppered.
To make matters even worse it was cold and very wet following days of glorious sunshine. A little rain shouldn’t be a big issue but when you have to have a sleeping bag to cover your legs, crutches to negotiate bridges, a wheelchair in between bridges, umbrellas and cameras it becomes more of a chore as the day wears on.
As much as I loved our first day out, I disliked this one in equal, but opposite measure and by 2pm I called it a day and we made our way back to the hotel.
Hubby was incredible and on our return he had socks, shoes, blankets, jackets, gloves and umbrellas all drying out in our bathroom next to the radiator. We both only have one pair of shoes with us and it is no fun putting your feet into wet and cold shoes.
After a lovely takeaway dinner we relaxed over some drinks and games.

All in all a lovely end to an otherwise difficult day; but contrast is what makes us appreciate the good from the bad.

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