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I found this rather interesting and thought provoking talk on TED.com.

People often ask me why I am in a wheelchair….the brave ones that is.  Having to describe how my chronic pain from Small Fibre Neuropathy affects me can be difficult because I spend a LOT of time trying to NOT think about it – because thinking about it magnifies the pain, so I practice relaxation and positive thinking techniques and keeping VERY busy – nothing else works!

Here Doctor Elliot Krane, a Pediatric anesthesiologist, gives some small insight into the problems I face.  I don’t publish this for sympathy, but rather for education; after all, who has ever heard of my condition and who of you is actually brave enough to ask the difficult questions?

Watch him here….http://www.ted.com/talks/elliot_krane_the_mystery_of_chronic_pain

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