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Two days before Christmas (my true love said to me)…. No, just kidding! However, it was two days to Christmas and I really needed to buy the last few items on the dinner list. Braving the icy exterior, waiting for the car heater to finally clear the snow off the car and I gingerly set out to pick up my son as rusty companion and guide for what we did not realise at the time, was to be a long and treacherous journey.
This snow malarkey is proving a bit of a hinderance in the run up and preparations for the big day – but I was excited at the prospect of my first K-2 versus snow encounter.

Let me firstly say, certain over-wrought individuals in the Costco car park should be locked up before the festive season as they caused rather an upset to a sensitive soul such as myself!  All those expletives were enough to make a lady blush – if I knew one.

Our final stop – Robin Retail Park for a few items, and rather than get in and out of the car constantly – which by the way, if you are not a wheelchair user, is a big fat pain – we set out on foot through the now less daunting snow drifts; proof attached in the form of a picture taken by my son on the trusty iPhone.

Apart from the hard work and mad traffic I managed the entire round trip on my own (hooray) – and furthermore should add that I was the only person NOT slipping around the pathways! Round one to the Trekinetic! KO….

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Wow, I am snowed in – really!  Who ever thought that it would snow enough to force me to stay indoors just before Christmas.  On the plus side, it has given me time to update my blog; I eventually finished off the holiday posts. 

I should have been at work and had to phone in and request a ‘snow’ day because I got out of the house with hubby’s help and a few miles down the road realised that in this blizzard, I probably would not make it home again.  I turned around and headed back home which is when the problems started! 

I tried getting up the driveway forwards – no joy.  I tried getting up the driveway backwards – still no joy.  Now I could have abandoned the car half way into the road but decided that wasn’t a good idea with it being dustbin collection day – I’ve seen how they drive that huge lorry.  Very gingerly, I managed to reverse somewhere close to the pavement and started the very scary walk up to the house.  Picture me teetering and grabbing onto anything I could on the way up the snowy driveway; I really hope none of the neighbours chose that moment to peer out of a window; I eventually arrived safely indoors without breaking anything.  I think that deserves a cuppa and a mince pie…..

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