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After a morning out shopping with my sister-in-law followed by a coffee in the most wonderful antique shop/coffee lounge, I got dropped off at La Lucia mall to see if I could pick up any shirts for hubby. All this tea and coffee has only one obvious drawback , and that is the size of my bladder (indelicate I know). I was assured that the toilets were very nice, given directions and headed for the lifts to the roof level. Toilets are one of those things that have become a bit of an obsession for me in a wheelchair; I get super excited if they are lovely and spacious and clean and really infuriated when they are untidy, smelly and IN USE BY SOMEBODY THAT THINKS IT IS OKAY TO USE THE ONLY TOILET I CAN GET INTO!!!! Sorry about the rant but you can tell this happens a lot?

Anyway, these toilets were not in use but there was one small design flaw – someone had built a supporting pillar behind the door and it did not open fully against the wall and no wheelchair could have passed through the gap – mmm, I wonder which clever clogs designed these. Necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to go try the men’s disabled toilet instead – the only problem? they are inside the men’s toilets! I simply knocked, invited myself in when only the attendant was around, explained to him the problem and asked him to inform any blokes that arrived to please keep it in their pants and not use the urinals while I was inside.

Much to my relief he obliged and when I came out of my cubicle I was not faced with a row of blokes peeing – it would have been pretty funny to see their faces if a woman had suddenly appeared in their inner sanctum.

The result – La Lucia mall gets NO POINTS for their ladies disabled toilets.

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It is 7am in Saskatoon and our final day with the family before we head off on the road-trip back to Minneapolis.  A final opportunity to enjoy a Canadian breakfast and fill a few more bags with requested items from certain family members.  I believe that overweight luggage may be just one of the problems we encounter this afternoon when we start to pack up our ever expanding collection – it is a good thing they don’t weigh us – we may be in for a shock!

Any final requests before we head to the shops?


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Back home after a very successful day shopping at the Lowry Outlet Mall. I managed to spend a lot but picked up a few bargains at the same time. The good news is that the Christmas shopping list is almost complete and there are still 13 sleeps until Christmas – that is according to my new app for iPhone – Sleeps Lite.

The centre turned out to be a little gem – not too busy and really good accessibility to all the shops – excluding those annoying shop managers who feel that it is necessary to pack not only the shelves full at this time of year, but the floor space as well! Some days I am tempted to just ride them over so that they have to re-stack them, but I have not been annoyed enough yet to try it and rather vote with my wheels and leave without spending any money; believe me this is a much better protest method because I have been known to spend a little! Ask my poor (literally) hubby. Another plus point for this centre is that 4 hours parking is free if you get your ticket validated and when you are used to paying Southport parking extortion, this is a breath of fresh air.

So, all in all, a very good day out . Now to wrap all this stuff – maybe I should have made use of that free gift wrapping service I passed on the way round….

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This is my first attempt at blogging away from the comfort of my sofa. Also, my first ever trip shopping in Manchester – well the Lowry outlet village – close enough. Image that, I have lived 40 minutes from the metropolis for 11 years and it only took this long! So far so good – parking was really easy in the multiple-story and straight to the closest coffee bar – the only thing that makes shopping bearable in my mind…. I will keep you posted on accesibility for the rest of the centre on another post. One latte, one skinny muffin and a lot of people spotting later and I am ready to burn some tracks in the old debit card!

Happy hunting…..

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Location:The Quays,Salford,United Kingdom

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