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After a lovely continental breakfast at the hotel we headed out to find the Venice tourist office in San Marco because we have been assured by the station information office they have all the literature we need on getting around Venice in a wheelchair.

Good advice from the concierge gets us to the San Marcuola vaparetto stop with only 2 bridges to cross on foot; not bad for Venice in a wheelchair.  One good bit of advice the tourist information office at the station did give us was that I pay €1.30 and my lovely companion goes free; a bargain considering the distance to our destination.  We arrive at San Marco to some minor tidal flooding and being unable to find a way up onto the raised decks set out for just such conditions, traverse around it instead to find the information office which is of course up two steps.  They then inform hubby whilst I wait outside that the accessible Venice maps are now redundant and have been withdrawn because none of the lifts over the few bridges they were installed on are operational anymore AND there is no accessible map and they cannot even tell us which of the bridges have modified steps for wheelchairs and buggies – a very useful information office!

Okay, so our trip to gather information was as useful as a chocolate teapot but we are at least close to the water buses ticket office and head off to buy ten  single tickets which is much cheaper than the suggested 24 or 48 hour pass for €24 or €45.  A lovely lady serves us the tickets and the unwelcome news that today all services are reduced on the Grande Canal from 10.30 until 3.30pm because of festivities leading up to Carnival AND that tomorrow the water bus drivers are all on strike so there is no point in buying any more tickets for then.  Seriously! is it just me or does anyone else think that trouble follows me everywhere?

Not to be deterred, we set off on a lovely walk all along the Canale Di San Marco which as luck would have it, still has the ramps installed on several bridges following the Venice Marathon in October; no rush removing them then!  A lovely walk takes us to new ground and many more photo opportunities before we once again take the water bus around the northern part of the islands to Tre Archi which is where all the boats are stopping today.

Exhausted from hours of walking and traversing canals, we head off to buy some dinner before heading back to the hotel and a much deserved rest.

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