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The sailor returns….

Safely back ashore! Hubby arrived back in Oban harbour and after driving up and down the coastline for a while I found out that they were across the bay at a marina and a small ferry was collecting them and bringing them ashore.

We have so much to catch up on and can talk about our separate adventures on our long drive back to Lancashire.

It is amazing to have him back….


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I found a little beach. Amazingly it has some sea you can see and get to without the usual two-mile hike required at our beach in Southport. It is really lovely and I am happily sitting here enjoying sun, sea and sand whilst I crochet some sort of – as yet unformed and undecided – amigurumi. What a life!

Even better, it has clean toilet facilities – I need them after all my coffee stops this morning.

Just heard that the crew are back in the harbour. Some deck swabbing to be done and then I will go meet up with them.

Happy days; I almost have my hubby back….

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My break was great and off I went to explore the town. I thought a visit to a few interesting local art galleries and shops was on the cards but alas it is not meant to be! All the shops I wanted to visit have steps to gain access, and there is no way I came all this way to visit Boots and the like.

Instead, I am consoling myself with a wheel round the harbour and a quite contemplation of the views.
Have I mentioned at least once or twice that the weather is INCREDIBLE?

I hope that crew aren’t so happy out at sea with the lovely weather that they don’t forget it is home time tonight!

I shall wait impatiently by the docks like a good sailors dox.. I mean wife….

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Tourism is tough…..

…. but someone has to keep the industry going! Sitting in the glorious sunshine and about to enjoy another treat. Fat fighters here I come….

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… wouldn’t you like to know?
Arriving in Oban on the west coast of Scotland by 9am, I decided that a trip across the water to the Isle of Mull was a good way to pass some time. I arrived just as the ferry was loading and put into the queue although I did not yet have a ticket. It was as quick as possible to get my chair out and get to the sales desk and they would then load me. No pressure! I happily asked for my ticket and nearly had a heart attack when told ‘that will be £64 please’!! What? But I can see the island just there, how can it possibly cost that much? Anyway, I now felt obliged to go through with it and reluctantly hand over the extortionate sum. Back to the car, reload chair drive into the belly of the beast, back out into chair and up to the deck in a very cosy lift. Decided against having a drink because I have yet to find a ferry that sells anything other than cheap, revolting coffee. It only takes forty minutes and I get the chance to take a few photos, and I am back in the lift, chair in car, disembark and headed across to Duart castle.

Beautiful place especially on an incredible sunny, cloudless day like this. The plan was to have tea and cake in their tea room but unfortunately the gravel road up to the castle was more than I could cope with after my lock climbing yesterday. Very sad to have to admit my limitations, but I head off to find another spot instead. I find a little bar just near the ferry terminal and one wonderful latte and scone later, am ready for the next leg – but first the disabled loo. You know I am always up for a challenge? Especially when hubby is around to bail me out, but it can be a bit tiresome when even just getting to the loo involves a gradient that should come with a warning sign! After a few rest stops on the way I eventually manage and am very pleased to find them clean and well cared for – a lovely change – thank you.

Now, refreshed and renewed, I am off to Tobermory the home, I believe, of one of our grandsons favourite shows – Balamory. I definitely need a few pictures to bring home for him.

Twenty miles down a lot of single track roads and I arrive in a lovely coastal village painted a multitude of bright colours. It is very pretty. A few more pictures to add to my already huge collection, and I think it is time for a nice cup of tea. I find a sunny spot and enjoy my cuppa with a very fine slice of apple cake.

It is now close to 2pm and I must head back if I don’t want to miss my ferry back to the mainland.

Sun still glorious, I am back in Oban at the start of a whole new adventure with my hotel…..

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