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Armed with a round trip ticket for the boat down the Moskva river and all we need now is to figure out the easiest way down to the boat!  A flight of stairs with my hubbies help was fairly easily handled by the Trekinetic – I did cheat by putting my feet near the floor in case I tipped out – after my stair experience on the steps of the Chateau in France, I am taking no chances.

1) Boat on the Moskva river;  2) Peter the Greats memorial; 3) Cathedral of Christ the Saviour; 4) Me and St. Basil’s church from the boat; 5) Hubby contemplating life and the river

Floating down the river on a sunny afternoon – very true in our case.  The weather couldn’t have been better and I am really pleased we went today.  The views from the boat were really amazing and I am very happy we made the effort.

On our return we struggled up the stairs to the embankment and head back down the river to our hotel.  A wonderful walk in the early evening sunshine was a great end to another lovely, but long and tiring day.

1) Me on the Moskva river embankment; 2) One of the seven Stalin sisters which were built in the 1950’s to house foreigners in Moscow (now the Radisson hotel)

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Day 2 and we head off to a Market that comes highly recommended by all the guides. Thank goodness that today’s taxi driver was not a patch on the airport transfer and I survived without removing the little that remained of my fingernails!
The Izmailovsky market is north-east of the city and the oddest mix of flea market, theme park and car boot! On the plus side, I managed to get around most of it without a need for two burly blokes as lifting tackle.
We got some lovely hand crafted gifts plus a couple of Russian hats. Finished off with a shashlik or barbeque kebab and the worst cup of sweet instant coffee.

After negotiating with a crowd of local taxi drivers we packed into a rusty old Lada which may have been around at the time of Lenin, and we are off to the Moskva river on the other side of town.

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