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Postcode is the newest place to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee and a selection of food and drink.  This place is very special to us because we spent a lot of time helping to build it.  A few dedicated volunteers built all the furniture and interiors and it has so much charm; much of which comes from the reuse of old items into something new.  Upcycling is definitely the name of the game here because most of the furniture is built from used scaffold planks and pallets.  The soft furnishing is donated jeans and shirts stitched together to create a very unique fabric for the benches.

14292249_1758172687788656_600210141669311963_nThe lovely old piano bar is now on its 3rd life….firstly as a piano, secondly as a keyboard stand/shelf for our band and thirdly, and currently, as a lovely spot to sit with a friend and enjoy the atmosphere.

The barrel table is one of my favourites because it was created using an old beer barrel out of our cellar….one of three left behind when we purchased the old pub to turn into our home.  Another two-seater table is an old pub table given a new lease of life with a chunky board tabletop.  The seats are from the pub too, but they are now much tidier with upcycled jeans as seat pads.


Everywhere you look is something of interest, from the huge barn doors to the flying delivery bike.  This is truly a unique space created with love and care to serve our community.

14469608_1760643197541605_106759444351313445_nOne of the nicest things for me personally is that it is big, wide and open.  You can stretch your ‘legs’, roll around without bumping into things and get to the food service area and till with more than ample space to spare.  Parking is really good and access via the ramp into the large doors makes this a definite favourite.  Toilets are clean and tidy with wide passageways to gain easy access.

My favourite part of my trip today was meeting a lovely family.  Mom, Gran and daughter (in a wheelchair) came across to talk to me about my Trekinetic K-2 wheelchair.  I was more than happy to give them a demonstration and show them all the benefits of owning a K-2.  After a lovely chat I pointed them in the direction of Trekinetic and Mike Spindle and suggested they place an order as quickly as possible because the freedom, confidence and multitude of other benefits are priceless.  I hope that I meet them again soon over a cup of coffee.

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Emergency, emergency….

It feels like I have had a part of me removed – seriously! I had to drop my K-2 off at the manufacturers today – it is a bit like losing a limb – at least I had my spare wheelchair as a back up. It has been so long since I used it that I am going to have to be really careful not to tip backwards.

In case you are too busy (or lazy) to go back and check my previous posts, a series of unfortunate events led to my wheelchair being rather badly crushed by the airlines on our holiday trip to Canada and America. Either someone dropped the Boeing on it, or a couple of really, really large baggage handlers took it for a joy ride before loading it into the hold! Either way, emergency repairs had to be undertaken in Canada and it is now in Trekkie A&E for major surgery.

I hope this won’t take much more than two weeks because I miss my wheels already – as long as the waiting list isn’t as long as the NHS emergency room!

Trekinetic have been amazing and will send the insurance the quote for repairs and then we just need to wait for approval before repairs can be carried out.
I have left Lockton insurance to have the ‘discussion’ with American Airlines and try recoup the costs – 2 emails and 4 phone calls is enough for me!

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Taking a dip in my k-2 in Lake Waskesiu. The water was brilliantly clear and cool.

I got some really strange looks from the other tourists – who would have thought!

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If the ice could move this 80 km from the north, I should be able to move it a fraction with my k-2…

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Another old country classic but very apt under the circumstances – the parcel arrived today from Trekinetic in England.  Very nicely assembled and packaged with the photographic instructions for installation.

Hubby managed without a problem to get the damaged piece out and I am back up and running almost like new.  Not perfect yet because they also managed to bend the one brake lever so I only have one brake unless I maintain pressure all the time – a bit hazardous when heading down a river bank and a pesky mosquito start to circle!  Should be great fun at the lake this weekend…

Evidence for the insurance claim….

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Feeling a little guilty about all the food we have allowed past our low-carb diet doorway, we decided that today was a great day to head off to see the First Nation (Indian) heritage site.  When our family told us about this place we really did think they had said 1sk1 – it turned out that it was Wanuskewin!  No wonder we couldn’t find it on the map.

We went on the more accessible trail and it was fun and games whenever we went down a steep incline because the K-2 is awaiting some repairs following the crushing it received in the hold of the aircraft.  Because the shock absorber is bent, we cannot lower the back and I was in imminent danger of tipping out onto the trail – funny for everyone else but a little embarrassing for me!

What a brilliant place; just outside the city but it feels like your are truly in the wilderness – and we had the place all to ourselves.  Hubby was required to give me a lot of help on the way up but he got his reward in the end!

At the bottom of the hill before heading up, up, up…

It may not look like K2 (not the chair, the mountain) from here, but it certainly felt like it on the way up….

Recovery position…..

The reward…..

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What a wonderful sight through the window of the aircraft to the sky-bridge – my k-2! It survived the Moscow flight in the hold.

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