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We arrived safely in Paris at Gare du Nord and set off to find our next train which leaves from Gare Lyon. A bit of a trek, and many French signs later we figure out that we have to get to platform 44. Finding the only lift is a challenge and it takes us down only one level! On the hunt for another lift somewhere else in the station and down one more level. Seriously is there any reason you can’t use one lift that stops on different levels? Finally we walk miles down the platform and find lift number three which takes us to platform 44.
We wait in the designated area for wheelchairs, the train arrives, everyone piles on board and we’re still waiting because there are 3 steps onto the train and no ramp! The driver has no idea what to do with me and some of the male passengers are speaking loudly to him and each other – all in French which we don’t speak; but I quickly discover what they have been plotting when three of them hoist me, chair and all, onto the train! Oh boy! That was a surprise and terrifying; I don’t like being out of control and if I had known that was their plan I would still be sitting on platform 44!!

I had 3 stops to prepare myself and this time was ready when I was moved, like a sedan chair, off the train. Glad to be in one piece and having survived the cross Paris trip we head out to find our platform and train to Zurich.

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