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Being on the slightly smaller side, 155cm or 5ft1 to be closer to the truth, getting onto our huge four poster bed with its very high base has always been a stretch (excuse the double entendre!).  I had the bed designed and built-in my fitter day when this posed no challenges at all but since being in a wheelchair it has made getting into bed less than ideal but manageable.  However, this all changed when our new mattress arrived this week.  It was about time we invested in a new one because the old one was purchased back in 1994!! Perhaps a little past its prime, but what a mattress that was – cost a lot at the time, but being very firm foam and on a solid base, made it the most comfortable bed for years…until only a few months ago in fact.  The majority of the wear can be squarely placed at the door of my need to be in bed for days at a time and any lesser mattress would have shouted time-out a long, long time ago!

Getting back to the issue with the new mattress…it seems that since buying our old faithful back in the 1990s, mattresses have increased in height too and when placed onto our already statuesque bed it immediately became apparent that I could definitely NOT scale those heights!  Mmmm, just a little problematic because getting in needs a pull from hubby and getting out is no more elegant and I either drop off the side or have to roll over and slither off on my belly – not a pretty sight.  Rescue came today in the form of our son who built me a little wooden box which has made it so easy ….. why didn’t I ask for a box years ago?????

I imagine the grandchildren will also enjoy being able to step up and join me for our cuddles 🙂  One happy lady, right here!




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