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I am so excited because my first espaliered fruit tree is eventually in the ground after two years. It has been such hard work, with plenty more to come but the sight of this one and the other three we managed to plant on the weekend is hopefully enough to continue motivating us to complete the project!

Our evenings are so busy but we will try fit in some more planting if the weather behaves 😁. Once the trees are in the difficult job of laying a pathway around the garden so I can get around to tend my trees will begin – that is a LOT of garden path but without it I would need a garden 4X4 wheelchair; especially with all the rain we get!

Amazing how happy these trees make me 😄😄😄

20140603-084536 am-31536376.jpg

20140603-084535 am-31535553.jpg

20140603-084537 am-31537389.jpg

20140603-084534 am-31534815.jpg

20140603-084533 am-31533829.jpg

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I have just spent a very happy three day bank holiday weekend like this….

20140528-080656 am-29216724.jpg
Who knew that I would find a new skill as a digger operator! What a sight it must have been seeing a woman get out if a digger and transfer to a wheelchair; now that would have been worth a picture!
The building site that is our ‘garden’ needed some extensive work in order to allow me access in my wheelchair and although the house needs our full-time attention we decided that me getting into the garden this summer was a priority because I need to care for the 15 espalier fruit trees I was given for my fiftieth birthday the year before last.
The trees have so far survived in pots but it was time to get them into the ground but before this could happen we had to clear the ground of old foundations, building rubble and the wild garden that had taken root over three years.
I loved the wild garden but it had to be sacrificed if we had any chance of flattening the ground to accommodate the paths hubby is going to build around the perimeter of the garden to allow me a clear route to tend the trees.
All this heavy work required the services of some heavy machinery – hence the digger. It made sense for me to be the operator as it is all hand controls and with a little help I moved from my wheelchair into the cab and stayed there most of the day. I had THE MOST FUN in years – I could actually do something really useful and helpful for the first time in a long time and it was an incredible feeling!!!
By the end of the three days we had a mountain of reusable stone that used to form part of the demolished kitchen block from the pub days, a nice flatish ground for seeding with grass and wild flowers and fifteen holes for my trees to be planted into.

20140528-082422 am-30262410.jpg

20140528-082418 am-30258684.jpg

20140528-082421 am-30261312.jpg

20140528-082419 am-30259832.jpg
This weekend we will install the post and wires and the trees can then be attached into their new permanent home – extremely exciting time.

Come on summer!

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