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In my experience there is nothing like a coffee made in Italy. I don’t know what they do differently but the love and attention given to its creation definitely makes them unbeatable.
However, we can’t spend all our time in Italy unfortunately, so we have to hunt high and low for an alternative – and I take great pride in my efforts at tracking down the perfect brew!
This morning the hotel made an excellent latte – I have observed that when served in a tall glass cup it should have a layer of milk at the bottom, a layer of espresso in the middle and a layer of foam on the top. The foam is perfect when you drop a spoon of sugar on it and it sits there for ages before dropping into the glass and mixing up the layers with swirls of coffee colours – a thing of beauty.
Now simply stir, sit back and enjoy.



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Ahhhh! There is nothing like a cold glass of pure mango juice to make a Durban girl happy.  These are the things that you don’t realise you missed until you have them again and it grabs you and whips you back in time.

This is one happy lady on the terrace enjoying great weather and relaxing – maybe I should go out and sit by the sea; or maybe that is just too much effort when I can just about lift my glass for another drink!

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