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Look what we are having for dinner tonight …..


Gem squash with a lovely blob of butter – and to top it all off a proper SA mielie (maize) on the cob and a nice big piece of steak!

We are making sure our last meal before our flight tomorrow really counts.

Ahhh! Good food, good friends, amazingly good God!

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Our final evening in Durban was spent with the family at a restaurant in Umhloti. It didn’t quite turn out as planned with a quick pizza because unbeknown to us there had been a fire in the restaurant the previous evening and the pizza oven was out of commission – and ALL the ladies toilets as well. We were directed to the men’s (is there a theme developing here?) but the only thing was that the lights were not working as the wiring had been fried as well! In true South African resilient fashion they simply handed me a torch – only in Africa – anywhere else they would probably have closed the whole place down!

Another memorable moment to add to our trip.

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The owner was very helpful and arranged an easy entrance for us through the patio area because of the four steps into the restaurant and even though the place was jam packed he immediately found us a table.
The menu has some really good choices – except if you are a vegetarian and I would assume this type of place would not be on the top of your list unless you had a carnivore for a partner.
I settled for the sirloin and ribs with a Roquefort salad and hubby chose the sirloin with prawns and biltong and feta salad.
They all turned out to be incredible – beautifully prepared with wonderful flavour and exactly how we ordered them. I must say that in a lot of places the salad is generally an afterthought – like the poor relation to the main course, but this was definitely not the case here. It was fresh and very tasty and added to what would otherwise have been a purely protein meal.

So our first dinner out was a resounding success and we look forward to a few more over the next three weeks.

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In this case they are absolutely correct and I definitely trust this butcher after eating an amazing steak and rib dinner. This steak house was recommended by my brother and we are very pleased we followed his lead. So when in Durban or locale why not give them a try yourself – The Butcher Boys on Florida Road, Durban.

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