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We woke to the most glorious, crisp winter day. Having arrived at around 5pm the evening before it was our first opportunity for a bit of exploration….and to find a coffee shop – coffee is extremely high on my priority list and we needed to see if by some remote chance a coconut milk latte was possible in the Welsh wilderness.

Our walk down from the cabin was stunning and we had plenty of opportunities to get some great pictures.

Who doesn’t need a picture of themselves taking a selfie of themselves…

The head….

And the tail of the Welsh dragon…

We arrived in the village and had a quick wander around….

I found it….Ty Coffi….the village has a coffee shop (jumps for joy)…

The best bit? They served a very fine latte with coconut milk so our week here is going to be just fine. Lovely place and even lovelier people serving us. We got our ‘free with your first drink’ reusable cups which we will most definitely make use of each day with a 10% reusable cup discount – better and better.

Next we headed further downhill through the forest trail to see the festive lights. They did not disappoint – even in the daytime. Here are a few of our favourite pictures….

My trusty steed never disappoints and got me down and back up the green route – the easy option, but not for anyone of faint heart and weak pushing arms!

A lovely lady gave me a push over one of the uphills and between my pushing the wheels and Maryam pushing from behind with her walker, we managed the slow ascent eventually collapsing onto a bench at the lake. What’s the saying about the blind leading the blind?

A short bus trip back up the hill was definitely required because no way was I able to wheel myself that distance and elevation. Free bus or train trips run every half an hour and it was no time at all before we arrived back in Preseli View ready for a cuppa and a rest.


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Not much wheeling has been going on around here of late but that is hopefully all about to change.

February 1st was my goal to start pushing myself around in my wheelchair again.  I’m not talking about long trips to the store or bundu bashing through the countryside; but rather small trips up and down the passage or kitchen at home – just to get things moving – grease the wheels so to speak!

The physiotherapy exercises have been really good and I am starting to get some use of the arm back.  I dread the thought of being dependant on a motorised wheelchair for too long – after all, the longer that goes on the more comfortable I’ll get with it – NOT a good thing.

On the other hand, while I continue to exercise, I have eventually managed to get driving again – YIPPEE!!  Being able to get into the car and drive somewhere by myself is such a luxury and strangely joyous 🙂

My trusty steed…..


…a Mercedes Vito 111 cdi – perhaps not the most glamorous means of transportaion, but I absolutely LOVE this car/van.  It has 8 seats and can fit my wheelchair into the back using the ramp.  The blacked out windows are a source of amusement for the younger generation who tell me it is my drugmobile or a WIP – whatever that is?????

Nevertheless, it is perfect for me and yesterday was a real treat because I went to town on my own for the first time in months and months.  It may not sound very glamorous to most people, but if you have ever been without for a while you may understand.

Being able to drive is one thing, but getting out of the vehicle is another – and not one I can do on my own; just yet.  So the only places I can go are where someone is with me, or waiting for me, or …… drive thru’s – yes, takeaways are the ONLY place in England that have drive thru’s, therefore my first port of call was a coffee, ordered through the car window, driven to a quiet spot and drunk in perfect contentment in my vehicle – by myself! 🙂

Small things!

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Up at 5am today so we can set out early for the London Coffee Festival – and I really am going to need coffee today having not slept more than a few hours! Pants!!!



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Okay, this really rankles with me – buy a McDonald’s coffee in a country where coffee is perfection?? This really is going above and beyond, but a challenge is a challenge, so here it is…..

We did have a good laugh though when we got the smallest coffee in the dinkiest cup.  I wouldn’t drink it and went and had a proper coffee from a proper Italian instead.  Now how many has that been today?  I hope I can get to sleep tonight; oh well, it will be worth it!

McDonald's challenge - Venice

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I saw this place while walking around the shopping mall in Cape Town – I’m sure I heard choirs singing as I got closer!


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In my experience there is nothing like a coffee made in Italy. I don’t know what they do differently but the love and attention given to its creation definitely makes them unbeatable.
However, we can’t spend all our time in Italy unfortunately, so we have to hunt high and low for an alternative – and I take great pride in my efforts at tracking down the perfect brew!
This morning the hotel made an excellent latte – I have observed that when served in a tall glass cup it should have a layer of milk at the bottom, a layer of espresso in the middle and a layer of foam on the top. The foam is perfect when you drop a spoon of sugar on it and it sits there for ages before dropping into the glass and mixing up the layers with swirls of coffee colours – a thing of beauty.
Now simply stir, sit back and enjoy.


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Barista bliss….

Any coffee lover worth their salt should be able to find a great coffee anywhere in the world – I believe we outdid ourselves when we discovered this artistic barista in Waskesiu – the northern town with more elk than humans at this time of year.  You can visit them at Evergreen.
What a way to end a two mile walk along the lake.

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Birthday bash…

Good morning and welcome me to the 48th year of life. I am actually 7 hours younger than I would have been had I celebrated my birthday in England! The quandary is whether I gain it all back next week on the flight over the Atlantic?
One for the scientific and philosophy minds to ponder – way to complex for my now more mature brain.
How to celebrate the special occasion before we head off north? I know, how about breakfast at the local coffee roastery? Okay, you have twisted my arm. One large mug of coffee and cinnamon bun later and I am set to go….

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Tah dah! We found it!
Illy make great coffee so I have high hopes for this place. the menu is great so hopefully the drinks are as nice.

Strangely, everywhere we have had a latte in Moscow, it has been served with a straw!  Perhaps that is why a latte here will set you back almost £5! This addiction is really hurting my pocket.

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