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On our initial travois around the grounds at Chateau Charbontiere, we had noticed an abundance of lovely big chestnuts and with the weather so clear and dry at night, it was a necessity for a bunch of Africans to acquire said bounty and roast them over a big fire.

Wellies donned; off-road tyres re-installed (I have a fab set of slicks for indoors), chestnut bag slung over the handlebars (I knew it was worth spending the extra money for these) and we were ready to head out into the wilds of the Charante!

Have any of you ever picked fresh chestnuts before? No? Well then like us, you will not know that before you can get to the lovely nuts inside, you first have to deal with a very thorny exterior.  After a few prickly fingers, the boys got the hang of it and started crushing them with their boots – this ensured the outer shell was removed and we were left with the bits we wanted.  It was a good thing we had my Trekinetic and a very large bag with us, because after an hour or so we had enough fresh chestnuts to set up a stall in West End and make back a bit of the money we had blown in town the previous day.

Oh, what an amazing afternoon out with the whole family and between me pushing and the boys pushing me around the really rough spots (and using my wheels as another method of shelling chestnuts) it became a day to look back and smile about.

On our return the boys set about creating us a fire pit – sorry Pat and Tony, but we did clean it all away afterwards!  That evening and almost every one after, we had a big roaring fire and the most wonderful fresh PYO chestnuts ever – and marshmallows too.

By the way, I remember finding a few stray nuts in the washing machine the next day!

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