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House envy!

You have got to love the Canadian and Americans style for great housing.  We arrived at the family in Saskatoon early on Sunday afternoon and after catching up on everyone’s most pressing news, we brought in our luggage and got settled into our suite for the next few weeks.  Unlike the UK, the houses here are all built with a basement and this one is the same size as the house above.  We therefore have an enormous bedroom, a lounge that is bigger than mine at home, an office and a lovely big bathroom – all to ourselves!

I should also mention that it has a workshop and boiler room that my hubby is very envious of and started telling me about what amazing projects he could do if he had this space at home – I think we had better look into this style of house on our return!

The best thing of all is that I can get through and around the entire place in my wheelchair – definitely love this place!


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