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I am a little sad to be writing this because we have had such a wonderful trip to Canada and America.

One last trip north on the I35 to Minneapolis airport where we will drop off our trusty steed after a mammoth round trip arriving in Chicago, Illinois, Minneapolis in Minnesota through North Dakota, Saskatchewan, back through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota, touching on Wyoming, then back through Minnesota and onto Chicago before returning to Manchester in the UK.

This journey has seen us encounter many happy moments which we will treasure, and unfortunately a very sad loss  in the family.  The former we will bore our grandchildren with one day when we will incessantly repeat ourselves without ever realising we have told the story just last visit – the latter we will strive to find peace with, whilst supporting our amazing family along the way.

Life is a journey which we cannot predict – therefore we continue with my motto – Living, and Loving, Life….


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Flying in over Lake Michigan, into Chicago and the sky is blue with no clouds!  I am as happy as a lark.

Almost at the end of our first leg of the journey….

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I have it from a valuable source – the discovery channel – that to counter jet-lag, you should starve yourself before and during travel, and on arrival eat a meal. This resets the body clock and should save all the hassle of catching up to the new time zone.
Therefore, in a valiant attempt to fulfil the requirements, I have gone for a biscuit and latte instead of the full English!

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The story starts with hubby and I eventually deciding that we want to go back to visit our family in Canada for our very late summer holiday. I believe that October is definitely Autumn-but better late than never!
With our pockets much, much lighter, we have booked our tickets and can start planning….

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