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It was with great relief that my wheelchair arrived at the door of the plane – and in one piece, unmangled!
Having learned from the last couple of disasters, hubby and I took a piece of 50mm plumbing pipe that was lying around our personal landfill site, cut it down one side and taped this over the shock absorbers release mechanism. This should ensure that no prying hands can accidentally release the chair into the upright position. It seems to have done the trick – and it also helped that they didn’t drive a cargo container over it!
KLM have managed to do what the previous two airlines have not – thank you very much Royal Dutch Airlines.

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What a wonderful way to start the day – sunshine, sea and the prospect of a wonderful holiday.
Approaching Amsterdam on the first leg of our journey from England to South Africa.


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Our first holiday meal. It may not look too exciting but the fact that it is while we are on route to our holiday destination, somehow makes it much more special.


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Thanks to superstition, flying on Friday the 13th is quite a pleasure. This is the second time we have flown on this date and both times the flights have been quiet – so if,like us you don’t believe that just because Friday falls on a particular number, the black cat’s going to kill you, the ladder will collapse on you or gravity suddenly changes and planes can’t fly, this is a good day to fly.

Bearing all of this in mind, if you see no further updates don’t assume the worst, but rather that I am having too much fun to keep my diary updated.

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