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On those rare occasions that my human leaves me to sit in another location, there is nothing nicer than mucking about on boats!  I thoroughly enjoyed the views across the Saar river in Saarland, Germany on my latest boat trip…..


Trekinetic wheelchairs are all about adventure!


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When left to its own devices, the Trekinetic K2 loves to be out in the wild camping. Here we see how well prepared and organised it’s campsite is. Enjoying a bit of German sunshine without human interference….IMG_4596

…..those precious moments when you’re not being pushed around!

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It occurred to me whilst chatting to someone recently that the price of disabled products seem unfairly high considering their necessity to some people.  Take for example a simple vinyl sign for my car window to politely request people leave sufficient space for my wheelchair ramp – £7; or a roof box a friend recently purchased for his wheelchair (which is constantly breaking down) – £5000!; or a wheelchair ramp which comprises a bit of aluminium, steel safety rope and a small motor – £3000; and the motorised indoor office chair which allows me access to cupboards and printers – £6.500!

This was the dilemma we faced when deciding whether to buy my Trekinetic K2 a few years ago.  On paper the price was high – not for this particular chair because most chairs with similar features will cost this or more – but when we sat and considered the freedom this remarkable wheelchair would provide…. ‘legs’ to get to places other wheelchairs can’t, then the price becomes far less significant.  Mind you, I only really realised how much it was worth once I had experienced the seaside, the river, the mountain, the lake and all sorts of other adventures for the first time in five years.

So despite the fact that mobility products are probably over priced, it depends on how much you value your freedom to explore.  I could stay in a cheap, ugly, old-fashioned wheelchair which works fine in the mall or any other smooth surfaced area, but these will definitely NOT offer me the adventures I have enjoyed over the years.

And then you get some amazing people out there who work tirelessly to make this sort of freedom possible for someone who does not have the financial means….

Take for example this amazing tweet that landed up on my desktop thanks to Bear Grylls and the Scout movement….


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.30.37

Thanks to their amazing work this little boy will get to be part of a team and not be left out – priceless I’d say!

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Michelle and her sister who have just launched their brand new website as a distributorship for Trekinetic.  I wish them all the best for a long and successful career making lives easier and more enjoyable for every new Trekinetic owner.



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Our Olympic adventure started with days, and days on the internet and phone trying to get some tickets! I must say that it was definitely worth the effort because we eventually headed off to London for theday to visit the Olympic park followed by the afternoon session in Greenwich Park to watch the equestrian events. An amazing day out and as an event organiser and project manager I was very impressed by the way it was all handled.


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For the non-South Africans wiele translates as wheels (sounds like veela). This old SA saying is certainly very apt for the amazing new wheelchair on the block. Mike and his team at Trekinetic have done an incredible job creating a motorised version of the K2 without losing any of it’s rugged charm. Here is a preview of it but please go to the website for a full rundown…..


I could seriously do with one of these at the moment – the elbow is no better and I really hate having to ask for help getting around! But never mind, I am lucky enough to have a K2 and would be lost without it.
Next trip is in April when we go around South Africa and with luck and good Physio the arm and the chair will be ready for some extreme off-roading – perhaps I should order some spare parts – just in case!

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Angouleme is the closest big city to the Chateau so this was our first port of call when we eventually made a move off the property.  Quite frankly we all felt that just being in the grounds and surrounding area would have been enough but we had money to spend and a hankering for some good local meringues, cheese and wine – in that order – for me only; I think all the rest of the family would have reversed the order!

It turned out to be a lovely town with plenty of place to park and shop.  I made sure to do some research before we left to find out about disabled parking in France and I was very pleased we had because we had to print the instructions in French and display these alongside my blue badge.  You do however have to pay for parking even though they have designated disabled bays.  Amazingly, in the two weeks we were in France and travelling all over the region, I never once saw a car without a blue badge parked in the disabled bays – even when town was really busy and these were the only ones empty!!  Now that was a pleasant surprise, especially coming from the UK where the usual is getting wound up every time we go out.

The Trekinetic K-2 performed like a star, even on the cobbled streets and narrow sidewalks.  I cannot remember enjoying myself out in a town so much – the freedom to come and go is wonderful after being confined to smooth roads and shopping malls for so long.  Ooh la la; the looks we get wherever we go… and in case you didn’t know (I certainly didn’t), a wheelchair in French is – en fauteuil roulant.   As my husband says, they even manage to make a waste tip sound exotic – dechetterie!

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