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Source: Handmade update 11….

You may be wondering what this post has to do with Bundu Bashing, but read on to the end and you will see how one of the many uses we find for my wheelchair at home and how it helps with our winemaking. 🙂

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A small windfall….

My lovely friend Christine has a much larger and older apple tree in her garden than ours and each year she passes me a big bag of apples. Last year we made wine and a lot of apple sauce…..th…

Source: A small windfall….

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It has been too long….3 1/2 years too long in fact, since hubby and I have been on holiday. That is about to be rectified with a trip to Europe in search of rest, recuperation and hopefully a lot of sunshine. However, being a realist, and a British citizen, we understand well the vagaries of the weather so I am taking no chances that my Trekinetic K2 will get wet at some point on our route.

Having modified my mobility van into a camper, I didn’t want my wheelchair to take up precious space on the inside, so we purchased a Bak-Rak for it to go on the outside. A great plan for perennially sunny countries, but I was taking no chances with my mobility and therefore it needed a rain cover.

I was lucky enough to have found a bolt of ripstop fabric when I was last at Abakhan and brought it home with the intention of making an awning for the campervan, but it struck me that it was also the perfect material to make a cover for my wheelchair …. and that’s exactly what I did.




















It isn’t a tight fit because that would make it too difficult to get the cover closed, but it has the general shape. The cover is placed onto the Bak-Rak and my K2 is placed on top of it.  The wheels are clamped down to the base and then the zip is closed over the entire wheelchair.

IMG_1167 IMG_1166 IMG_1168








































































Time and travel alone will tell whether this is a good design or not, but hopefully it keeps my wheelchair dry and therefore my bum dry for the duration of our holiday 😄


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Any other wheelchair sewers out there? You may identify with these issues…..

Swiss army wife...

Being a sewer and in a wheelchair poses some unique challenges.  In a new series of (hopefully) quick and amusing posts I will attempt to list them – as they occur.  A method to vent off some steam sometimes when you are ready to scream at the annoyances.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I have come to terms with the imposed new order, but every now and again something happens to either make you laugh, mildly annoyed, and all the way through to simply mad!

…and talking about steam, here is todays anecdote…

Sitting at a good, healthy, comfortable distance under the ironing board – you build up a good head of steam to press those seams into submission and droplets of hot water that have formed under the ironing board drip in between your toes or onto your lap – VERY hot water!!!  If I wasn’t…

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A bite from life's apple


I cannot believe that it has been a year since we received our first bees and I wanted to remind people that bees are SUPER important to humans and we should be protecting and not destroying them.  A lack of knowledge of these little creatures sometimes makes people fearful, but please protect our bees or we may all die of starvation!

If you see a swarm please contact your local beekeepers association or someone who keeps bees and they will take the swarm away.  DO NOT call an exterminator as they will simply spray and destroy the swarm.  This site will also help you to identify whether they are bees, wasps or bumble bees who have moved into your bird box or under your eaves.

Here is how the swarm may look……


…and you can read up about them in a previous post of mine here.


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My two beeks (hubby and son) and I have been doing a lot of research on beehives and decided that we wanted to go down the top-bar hive route. One of the main reasons is that this is the easiest hive to handle from a wheelchair and I really want to be involved once the pathways are laid and I can get to it a little more easily.
Another good thing is that they can be built for next to no money if you have a house with all sorts of material lying around.
We downloaded the plans from http://www.biobees.com and my beek boy’s spent a weekend upcycling old doors and shelves to make the main hive body.
A piece of glass from an unneeded door was turned into an observation window and other scrap pieces used to make the top bars.
A quick lick of sealer – only on the outside – and it was nearly ready.

20140729-102010 pm-80410780.jpg

20140729-102012 pm-80412261.jpg

20140729-102011 pm-80411539.jpg</a

20140729-102010 pm-80410064.jpg

20140729-102009 pm-80409230.jpg

Next weekend they can add the legs at a good wheelchair friendly height and make a roof.

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Take a look at this great new social project…..

Swiss army wife...

A great and good morning to one and all! It is a glorious day here in Lancashire and I am making the most of my ‘sunshine high’ and getting a few bits and pieces done.  The most important of the day is to tell you all about our new social project – The Mending Bee.

I love to help others to get hooked onto making and crafting – any time that they say “ooh! can you make me one of those?”, I respond with a “No, but I can show you how to do it yourself”.  It may sound harsh, but a) I don’t have time to make for everyone that asks and b) I LOVE to empower others to become creative and make things even when they believe they are entirely without creativity.  It is incredibly fulfilling for both of us when they see that with a little time…

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