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COVID Chronicles On Tour….

Sunrise in France as we arrived this morning. Stopped for a coffee at an Aire where we can’t interact with the people in the red zone 🤣😷

Sunrise as we arrived in Dunkirk
Stopped at an Aire for a much needed caffeine boost. Red travel corridors meant we couldn’t stop in France, Belgium or Luxembourg on the drive to Germany.

A nice picnic spot to brew up a cafetière before heading off through Belgium – also in the red!

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30th September 2015…..

The mornings have been rather chilly on our holiday and there is nothing quite as nice as that first hot cup of tea.  We have an adorable little pewter tea set in our camper van but it was missing a tea cosy to keep the tea lovely and warm while it brewed.  Luckily I had brought a small bag of yarn and my trusty crochet hooks with me – mostly in the hope that I would come across some beautiful German wool to buy and turn into a blanket.  

The only yarn I had were a few odds and ends left over from various projects, and those would have to do.  This particular purple was once created into a Minion hat for my granddaughters and it was doubled up with a few other bits to create a nice double, double yarn to ensure maximum warmth for the brewing process.

A very worthwhile endeavour on a quiet camping night, and an hour later here it is….IMG_4213

…it most definitely not going to win the prettiest tea cosy prize, but it certainly does the job…and it will hold many fond memories of our trip to Germany.

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Having five grandchildren who regularly go out and about with us has meant that I needed to be inventive to find the best possible transportation methods without losing the use of my hands to push myself around. I am a little independent and prefer pushing myself whenever I can so a number of options have presented themselves over the last couple of years.

Firstly, I made a couple of ring slings which are amazing when baby is really little as they can lie down all cozy. Secondly, as they got a bit more head control my Cath Kidston messenger-style handbag was perfect and they were neatly tucked into the bag together with all my other bits and bobs – this one is very popular with passersby and elicits many smiles for ‘baby-in-the-bag’. Thirdly and ad hoc when I cannot find the sling is a towel or easily accessible piece of fabric simply wrapped and tied around me and baby – only good for around the house really. And finally, but my favourite is the fabric baby sling/wrap which I made recently and can be used with baby facing towards you, away from you or on your back. This is really secure and comfortable because of the wide straps across your back which distributes the babies weight really nicely; and best of all – it frees your hands to keep mobile and other important tasks – like making a cup of coffee after a day out shopping!

Here we have one beautiful baby being sported around using the front-facing technique – a great option as they get a bit older and more curious about their surroundings…..


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I have a bit of a dilemma – I have so many varied hobbies that I cannot contain them all (you should take a look at my craft room) and I feel the need to write down some of these tales as well as my wheelchair adventures. I have therefore reached a decision – I am going to investigate how I can start another blog which will be for all my other ramblings (no pun intended but it fits rather well).

When ready, I will add a link for anyone interested in seeing what else occupies my time.

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