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I am a little sad to be writing this because we have had such a wonderful trip to Canada and America.

One last trip north on the I35 to Minneapolis airport where we will drop off our trusty steed after a mammoth round trip arriving in Chicago, Illinois, Minneapolis in Minnesota through North Dakota, Saskatchewan, back through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota, touching on Wyoming, then back through Minnesota and onto Chicago before returning to Manchester in the UK.

This journey has seen us encounter many happy moments which we will treasure, and unfortunately a very sad loss  in the family.  The former we will bore our grandchildren with one day when we will incessantly repeat ourselves without ever realising we have told the story just last visit – the latter we will strive to find peace with, whilst supporting our amazing family along the way.

Life is a journey which we cannot predict – therefore we continue with my motto – Living, and Loving, Life….



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Car filled with gasoline and us with our final Tim Horton breakfast. Heading out south west of Saskatoon to our next stop tonight in Fort Peck, Montana, USA.

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Tastes the same in Canada as the rest of the world – unless you have at least a double shot of espresso it is bland, bland, bland!

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From one trusty steed…

trotting at the Saskatoon track – I would have loved to have been able to watch them race.

To another….

this one may not have been as exciting but it did take us across two US states and hopefully all the way back through another 3 states to the airport on Saturday.

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A loved one grieves for the imminent loss of her mother,
How can I convey all my sadness and regret to them,
At this time of greatest need?
Dear Jo, you are much loved and will be sorely missed,
Just know that we will take care of your little girl.
Love from me.

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The temperature has dropped to 35 degrees farenheit this sunny Saskatoon morning. This is quite a change from 77 degrees yesterday and in the late 80’s over the weekend.
I’m not complaining because the sun is bright and I am in the best possible company – my hubby.
Off to breakfast – catch up later :-).

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It is 7am in Saskatoon and our final day with the family before we head off on the road-trip back to Minneapolis.  A final opportunity to enjoy a Canadian breakfast and fill a few more bags with requested items from certain family members.  I believe that overweight luggage may be just one of the problems we encounter this afternoon when we start to pack up our ever expanding collection – it is a good thing they don’t weigh us – we may be in for a shock!

Any final requests before we head to the shops?


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