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Only those of you forced to use disabled toilets will really understand and appreciate the importance of a good, clean disabled toilet. Often we are faced with something more like a dumping ground for overflow cleaning equipment and other junk, a really smelly baby changing facility or simply so filthy you worry about catching something horrific  and lingering. 

Every good and great disabled toilet needs to be applauded and today it is the beautiful, clean and generally lovely ablutions provided at The Lakes Distillery in The Lake District in Cumbria. This is a very new Distillery and the only one in England. I can absolutely highly recommend this as a trip out – not just for the loo’s!

5* for cleanliness, design (you can actually turn your wheelchair around) and smell. 

Thank you ūüėä 

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Looking for a place to take the family for a day out involves a fair bit of planning but we knew we wanted to visit one of the National Trust properties near us Рbut which one?  Looking through the literature it was obvious we had a winner when we found out that Speke Hall has created a maze since our last visit Рwoohoo!!  A definite hit with the whole family plus the grounds and house are amazing and if you like aeroplanes, then you are in for a treat because it is right next to John Lennon Airport in Liverpool.

It is easy to get to, has great parking, a nice little tea room and plenty to see and do for all ages. ¬†On this occasion we did not go into the house because we had all the grandchildren in prams and it would have been a tad difficult controlling the rather excited youngsters. ¬†No, the outdoors seemed best, BUT, the weather was definitely not playing ball ūüė¶ . ¬†The first hour or two were spent having hot drinks in the tea room and then a picnic under the lovely big umbrellas in the courtyard. ¬†A great spot, but we would have preferred a sunny, grassy embankment! ¬†Not to be deterred, the girls took the two older children off to the maze – pouring rain and all. ¬†Umbrellas at the ready they negotiated their way around amid much hilarity and squeals of delight. ¬†Here they are victorious at the end of the trail – a little damp!



Following our lovely picnic lunch and the eventual end to the downpour, next came some serious puddle jumping – boy do I wish we had brought those wellies with!


The Trust provides a handy golf caddy to take visitors to the house if you need and I noticed that this is equipped with a ramp if you are in a wheelchair. ¬†We walked as the weather had done a full 360 degrees and was beautifully sunny. ¬†The children had an incredible time with the equipment provided by the National Trust to help little explorers…..



This house and gardens are a definite must and accessibility is really good and the pathways well maintained and easy to get around.   A most successful day out Рgive it a try, I highly recommend it.


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