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A good story needs a good opening lines doesn’t it? So,….

An Englishwoman, an Irishwoman, an Iranianwoman and a South African woman descend on a resort in Wales.

What could possibly happen? Keep coming back over the next few days and you may find a few stories to entertain and inform.

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Battle of the baths….

For those unfamiliar with my routine, I work in an office 4 days a week and then rest on day 5 – I need this in order to make it through the next week.
In a vain attempt to keep my weight manageable, I decided that taking our grandson swimming might help. We both love it even though I land up doing all the work. I have had to move baths as my closest one made the decision to close the only baby swimming class without telling us. I therefore head off to Leyland – where I am sure it rains every week just to get us wet before we hit the water! In fact, yesterday it decided to wait until I opened the front door – very funny when you are burdened with all this gear, a toddler who is only interested in catching the neighbours cat, and one very slow Ouma who cannot give chase! To top it all off, said grandson has a one track (or one CD) mind because he insists we listen to the same nursery rhyme CD every time we get into the car. Needless to say, I am fully proficient in every single one of the 32 tracks! I must really love this child!
Challenge two of the day is the change room. It has two doors – one leading in from reception and the second leading to the pool – and I live in fear that the mini whirlwind is going to open one of them while I am changing or showering.

Eventually dressed – actually undressed is more accurate – we head for the pool. My wonderful k-2 takes me right to the edge and I literally just tip out and roll down the stairs.
And my reward for all this hard work? A half hour of a toddler splashing and spraying me whilst I vainly attempt to keep my hair dry – and more infernal nursery rhymes!

Surely there are easier ways to spend you day off?

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Fridays are Grammy and Travis days. My grandson and I have a weekly appointment at the local swimming pool in Ormskirk. When I stopped working on a Friday I thought that rather than waste a day vegetating on the sofa with awful daytime television, it would be a good opportunity to do something fun together. Travis is 18 months old and does his best to get me home exhausted each week. The planning involved is quite formidable but without it I don’t think we would make the front door of the house, never mind the pools edge.

With the swimming gear donned and the after swimming snack and drink packed we head off. We have a half hour Mother and Baby (well, Granny and baby in my case) swimming lesson where he is learning to swim and I get to do a bit of exercise at the same time – a win, win situation for both of us. The Trekinetic is brilliant for the job because the wheels handle the poolside very well and afterwards when we are both wet and he jumps up on my lap, the carbon fibre body does not mind getting wet.

Thank you K-2, another job it is great at helping us out with.

Now to go lie down and recover until next week….

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