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Postcode is the newest place to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee and a selection of food and drink.  This place is very special to us because we spent a lot of time helping to build it.  A few dedicated volunteers built all the furniture and interiors and it has so much charm; much of which comes from the reuse of old items into something new.  Upcycling is definitely the name of the game here because most of the furniture is built from used scaffold planks and pallets.  The soft furnishing is donated jeans and shirts stitched together to create a very unique fabric for the benches.

14292249_1758172687788656_600210141669311963_nThe lovely old piano bar is now on its 3rd life….firstly as a piano, secondly as a keyboard stand/shelf for our band and thirdly, and currently, as a lovely spot to sit with a friend and enjoy the atmosphere.

The barrel table is one of my favourites because it was created using an old beer barrel out of our cellar….one of three left behind when we purchased the old pub to turn into our home.  Another two-seater table is an old pub table given a new lease of life with a chunky board tabletop.  The seats are from the pub too, but they are now much tidier with upcycled jeans as seat pads.


Everywhere you look is something of interest, from the huge barn doors to the flying delivery bike.  This is truly a unique space created with love and care to serve our community.

14469608_1760643197541605_106759444351313445_nOne of the nicest things for me personally is that it is big, wide and open.  You can stretch your ‘legs’, roll around without bumping into things and get to the food service area and till with more than ample space to spare.  Parking is really good and access via the ramp into the large doors makes this a definite favourite.  Toilets are clean and tidy with wide passageways to gain easy access.

My favourite part of my trip today was meeting a lovely family.  Mom, Gran and daughter (in a wheelchair) came across to talk to me about my Trekinetic K-2 wheelchair.  I was more than happy to give them a demonstration and show them all the benefits of owning a K-2.  After a lovely chat I pointed them in the direction of Trekinetic and Mike Spindle and suggested they place an order as quickly as possible because the freedom, confidence and multitude of other benefits are priceless.  I hope that I meet them again soon over a cup of coffee.

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It was a holiday here in the UK on Monday and we went out for the day with a couple of great friends.  We had a lot of choice but decided on Saltaire in West Yorkshire because I have just finished reading an amazing book on the cotton mills in Lancashire and wanted to see this World Heritage Site first hand.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and seeing the mill buildings was amazing and worth the trip.

As always when I am out and about I like to ‘check out’ the facilities and report back in case you ever land up in the same place and on this occasion I was not disappointed because it turned out to be the BIGGEST disabled toilet I have EVER been into!  You can definitely swing the proverbial cat around in here; in fact, you could host a large party in this toilet – it was clean as well which is always a great plus point for me!  No problems at all turning around in my wheelchair; how often have I got stuck on the basin or a dustbin and had to spend ages manoeuvring around and eventually having to back out of the room at the same time trying to open the door – you know what I’m talking about because no doubt it has happened to you too!

Seriously, this picture cannot do it any justice because I have taken it from the corner of the room as far back as possible and cannot even get half of the room into the picture….

























See how small the basin and toilet are in comparison to the window!  This is a typical huge window in a cotton mill and I am pleased that these buildings are protected and cannot have them replaced with those dreadful modern plastic units.

I can definitely recommend spending a penny here! 🙂



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We headed off to do a little shopping and much visiting with our wonderful friends today. They suggested we try out the new Gautrain that was built in time for the soccer world cup and we happily agreed after the glowing reports it has received, but this is a story for another time.

Heading into the mall from the station is quite an incline and still not being at full strength myself, the two Mark’s with us lent a hand by pushing, one on each handlebar – this is really the life because we moved along at a very hasty rate of knots which I suggested was like Mk1 and Mk2 – pretty handy actually because now when I want to ask one of the Mark’s a question, I can ask for Mark1 or Mark2 and they know who it is addressed to.

Now, how do I arrange to get Mk2 over to England more often to make use of both of their outboard motor skills on tricky outings?


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I saw this place while walking around the shopping mall in Cape Town – I’m sure I heard choirs singing as I got closer!


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In order to buy the MOST gorgeous pair of bronze giraffes I spotted in Lifestyle mall in Ballito, I am not sure what the going rate for a very good, used ( only had one sherry after last weeks communion) kidney is, but it may take both to buy this pair at over R100,000!

Oh boy, they would look amazing in my house but I probably won’t enjoy them much if I have to be on dialysis forever!

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Remember we went shopping in Durban for fabric? When we got outside into the car we heard a huge ruckus and crowds pointing up the street as a man ran past. As he went the crowds moved forward into the road with him, shouting and pointing at him – definitely a criminal on the run and they were definitely not letting him escape. Soon he was overtaken by a crowd of dozens, collared and dragged back to the scene of the crime.
I believe this is what is called local justice by the people – others will think twice before stealing – in this part of town, crime definitely does not pay!

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Help! I went out fabric shopping with Beryl this morning and I had to be reigned in because otherwise I would have had no way of getting it all into my luggage on the return flight.

I wanted to get some locally produced African print fabric from my birthplace and the lovely Maggie who works for Beryl pointed us towards the fabric quarter in Durban Central. Oh my goodness! it was like sending a sweet junkie (which I am as well by the way) into the Cadbury’s factory unsupervised with instructions not to come out until they have had their fill – could be disasterous! We were confronted with row upon row of the most wonderful vibrant textiles and tons of SweSwe which is the local African print – seriously, I was in danger of getting whiplash with my head flicking this way then that, trying to take it all in.
We were served by a wonderful lady who proceeded to move mountains of fabric rolls onto the counter for my inspection. I asked for the prices and thought she said 80 Rand per meter which is a little cheaper than we can get in the UK – imagine my surprise when she corrected me and said it was 18 (yes 18) Rand per meter – I went into a minor tailspin with all the conflicting emotions of how to take tons back home – could I simply empty all my luggage out and leave it here, wear everything I brought with me onto the plane, send it by courier – oh! what a dilemma.
Anyway, after much debate I got back to reality and managed to settle on a dozen or so designs which we would hopefully not make us too overweight.
I now have all the fabric I need for an African quilt, placemats, tablecloths, aprons and more – and all without even denting the bank – what a lovely dilemma to have.


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A1 for Liverpool One

Absolutely by far the BEST disabled toilets I have ever been in anywhere in the world; and well worth the 20 pence. Liverpool One – you are stars – thank you.

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Tah dah! We found it!
Illy make great coffee so I have high hopes for this place. the menu is great so hopefully the drinks are as nice.

Strangely, everywhere we have had a latte in Moscow, it has been served with a straw!  Perhaps that is why a latte here will set you back almost £5! This addiction is really hurting my pocket.

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Ridiculous, but I am stared at in varying degrees everywhere we go. Some blatantly open-mouthed, others surreptitiously and the rest turn around to stare after we have wheeled past!
You would think I would be used to it by now because the Trekinetic K-2 gets a lot of stares anyway, but really this is ridiculous – I would love to get some pictures to include in my blog.

The only other wheelchair we have seen since our arrival is another visitor from America in our hotel – this is a city of 17 million – what are they doing with the countless wheelchair users who were probably created by their appaling driving? Locked up somewhere no doubt – perhaps they don’t like to air what they consider dirty laundry. In fact they cover up derelict buildings all over the city in huge decorated sheets -sound similar? Sorry, that’s me having a cynical moment.

Now we really are heading off for the coffee shop – hopefully it won’t turn into something resembling ‘the hunt for red October’….

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Two days before Christmas (my true love said to me)…. No, just kidding! However, it was two days to Christmas and I really needed to buy the last few items on the dinner list. Braving the icy exterior, waiting for the car heater to finally clear the snow off the car and I gingerly set out to pick up my son as rusty companion and guide for what we did not realise at the time, was to be a long and treacherous journey.
This snow malarkey is proving a bit of a hinderance in the run up and preparations for the big day – but I was excited at the prospect of my first K-2 versus snow encounter.

Let me firstly say, certain over-wrought individuals in the Costco car park should be locked up before the festive season as they caused rather an upset to a sensitive soul such as myself!  All those expletives were enough to make a lady blush – if I knew one.

Our final stop – Robin Retail Park for a few items, and rather than get in and out of the car constantly – which by the way, if you are not a wheelchair user, is a big fat pain – we set out on foot through the now less daunting snow drifts; proof attached in the form of a picture taken by my son on the trusty iPhone.

Apart from the hard work and mad traffic I managed the entire round trip on my own (hooray) – and furthermore should add that I was the only person NOT slipping around the pathways! Round one to the Trekinetic! KO….

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Back home after a very successful day shopping at the Lowry Outlet Mall. I managed to spend a lot but picked up a few bargains at the same time. The good news is that the Christmas shopping list is almost complete and there are still 13 sleeps until Christmas – that is according to my new app for iPhone – Sleeps Lite.

The centre turned out to be a little gem – not too busy and really good accessibility to all the shops – excluding those annoying shop managers who feel that it is necessary to pack not only the shelves full at this time of year, but the floor space as well! Some days I am tempted to just ride them over so that they have to re-stack them, but I have not been annoyed enough yet to try it and rather vote with my wheels and leave without spending any money; believe me this is a much better protest method because I have been known to spend a little! Ask my poor (literally) hubby. Another plus point for this centre is that 4 hours parking is free if you get your ticket validated and when you are used to paying Southport parking extortion, this is a breath of fresh air.

So, all in all, a very good day out . Now to wrap all this stuff – maybe I should have made use of that free gift wrapping service I passed on the way round….

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This is my first attempt at blogging away from the comfort of my sofa. Also, my first ever trip shopping in Manchester – well the Lowry outlet village – close enough. Image that, I have lived 40 minutes from the metropolis for 11 years and it only took this long! So far so good – parking was really easy in the multiple-story and straight to the closest coffee bar – the only thing that makes shopping bearable in my mind…. I will keep you posted on accesibility for the rest of the centre on another post. One latte, one skinny muffin and a lot of people spotting later and I am ready to burn some tracks in the old debit card!

Happy hunting…..

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Location:The Quays,Salford,United Kingdom

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Not every holiday can have perfect weather and for late October, we were very fortunate, on day 10 we decided to go off to the Dordogne for a boat trip on the river.  Of course, you guessed it, of all days, this was when it decided to open up the heavens and pour down on us and our lovely trip down the river turned into a pizza and drinks at the local bar in La Roque Gageac.  As optimistic as I am, even I had to admit that the boat was not going anywhere that day.  Having come all this way, we couldn’t just turn around and go home so we headed for a little town close by that was highly recommended in the Dorling Kindersley guide to France. 

 Sarlat turned out to be one of the most beautiful towns I have ever been to and well worth a visit for all the incredible old buildings, shops and restaurants. 

While we were in Sarlat, we thought we would see if there were any Geocaches  in the vicinity without taking us too far off the beaten track.  Luckily for us someone had very kindly hidden a cache in the town itself and we had a wonderful time trying to translate the French instructions and then finding it and logging our visit in the book. 

Just take a look at this church entrance… I could not resist getting a picture of what has to be the largest door I have ever seen – no problem getting a wheelchair through this one!

So, what started out as a rather disappointing weather day, worked out rather well in the end….

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One day after a very muddy trip out and a poor job at cleaning the treads, I landed up loosing bits of mud all over the office the following morning. It got me thinking about my options  – I could clean them properly after each off road trip, or get another set for ‘Sunday’ best.

I really took to the spare set idea after spending an entire day in the shopping mall trying to kit myself out for two weddings in the following weeks.  When I looked on the Trekinetic site they provided the perfect solution in the form of a new set of ‘slicks’.  This was just what was needed and I could have the smooth wheels for indoors and with a quick click could change to the off-road wheels and be careening down a mountain in no time at all!  A call to my very helpful Trekinetic agent in the North West and Mal had my tyres ordered and on a TNT van before the day was out.  Now, I was hoping that they would be here for the first wedding down in London but unfortunately we had to leave early – we probably passed them on the M6! 

Great excitement when we arrived home and our parcel was waiting.  A few adjustments on each wheel and in no time my hubby had the wheels on and ready for a test drive.  My test drive involved an entire afternoon trawling the Trafford Centre for some last minute purchases for wedding number two.  They were a brilliant success and I decided they were the right ones for the wedding – what maid-of-honour would not want a new pair of slicks accompanying her down the aisle!

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